A Bozeman based startup working to bring you fun, interesting and beautiful apps. Freakin’ Sweet Knots allows you to design your own woven jewelry and have it 3D printed on demand. The featured products were all created using the app (some using features that aren’t available yet). Using our Turk’s Head Knot Ring Creator, you can design your own custom ring. We’ll have it 3D printed and sent to you!

Freakin’ Sweet Knots – Custom Ring Creator

Design your own ring using our Turk’s Head Knot Ring Creator. With just a few mouse strokes you can create your own ring. We’ll have it 3D printed and sent to your door. Give it a try!

Freakin’ Sweet Knots grew from what’s known by knot tiers as the Advanced Grid Maker. The Advanced Grid Maker generates instructions for tying Turk’s head knots. We offer knot mandrels with a Turk’s head pattern engraved on it, embedding the instructions into the mandrel.


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CNCed Knot Mandrels

I’ve been spending a lot of time at Pocket NC’s workshop lately, learning about CNC machines and adapting my knot code to generate tool paths for them. Pocket NC makes a small 5-axis CNC machine, which packs a lot of bang for its buck. In addition to the standard XYZ axes of movement, it provides […]

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We are no longer accepting orders through freakinsweetapps.com. Please head over to allwinedesigns.com to see what we offer there.